Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rough Draft Of My Paper

Vinyl Chloride is a toxic gas used in the manufacturing of industrial plastics and other heavy grade plastic material. Vinyl chloride has been used in a number of products over the last eighty years. Its main use has been the key ingriedent in the making of PVC pipe. It was also used for a while in hairspray and othe aresol beauty product,but after finding that the levels in the product had almost double the limits regualted by the goverment. It was also used for a while as a inhalation anesthetic but due to the toxcit of the chemicals init that practice was also discontinued. vinyl Chloride has greatly helped in the manufacturing of cheap, affordable plastics. Vinyl Chloride is extremely cheap to produce and even cheaper to turn into PVC. So In the past seventy to eight years Vinyl Chloride has greatly helped the whole world in making items less expensive for needy people. Vinyl Chloride is made by combining ethylene and chlorine together, then in the presence of iron chlorine which acts as a catalyst, these compounds react to produce etylene dichloride. Due to the realitve ease and economic advantage of making it this way, most vinyl chloride has been produced this way since the 1950's.
Vinyl Chloride is also one of the main reasons that some of the leading PVc companies in the world have had to pay huge fines in wrongfull death siuts to the familys of factory workers that have died. The chemical in Vinyl chloride that make it deadly are ethylene and chlorine. Ethylene in short term exposure can cause depression of the Central nervous system which can have simmilar effet to alcohol inibriation. Chlorine can kame your eyes sting and burn ani if exposed long enough can damage and have serious effects on you retinas. Vinyl Chloride was been tested an labratory animals befgore being mass produced to companies. When subject to long term exposure of vinyl chloride, lab rats had problems during birth and devlpoed vary rare cancers of the liver. In humans vinyl chloride is usually breathed in through the airways and long term damage can corode your larynx. It can also cause cancer of the brain and one of the rarest liver cancers in the world. Vinyl Chloride was first introduced to the Industial settinging in about 1879.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Over the Past Eighty Years vinyl Chloride has killed over eighty people and effected hundreds of others by causing in them some of the rarest cancers konw to man.Vinyl Chloride is the key ingriedent in a type of industrial plastic called PVC. PVc is used in all sorts of things in Industrial and domestic setting. vinyl chloride is used to make PVC as well as many other types of industrial plastics. vinyl chloride is also the main chemical that most factorys workers that handel materials with Vinyl Chloride in it develop very rare types of cancer. Some factorie have also had chemical leaks of vinyl chloride and it has spread into to nearby towns and killed trees and shrubs, and it has even made some people very sick. So I think there would be a better way to contain and prevent exposure to vinyl chloride over a long period of time.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

OutLine for wonder paper

I. Intro into what vinyl Chloride is.
A. uses for it.
B. how it help in manufacturing.
C. how it is made.
II. Explain how vinyl chloride is harmful.
A. chemical content
B. What these chemical do.
C which ones are bad for the Envirmoent.
III. Hazardous effects of V.C.
A. What it does to animals.
B. Why
C. What it does to humans.
D. Why.
IV. Effects of V.C. In the Industry
A. Where it is used.
B. Who is exposed to it.
Preventative measures taken by companies.
V. history of V.C. in america
A. When was it first used.
B. Who used it.
C. What product was first made with it.
VI. History of V.C. in Europe.
A. Who fisrt started using it.
B. Who is the main producer of V.C.
C. Who brought it over to the United States.
VII. Conclusion.
A. Is long term exposure to V.C. harmful.
B. Can short-term exposure be limited to safe amounts.
C. How can his be used in the future.

This is my tentative outline for my paper.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wonder post

my reaserch in all honesty is doing all right at the moment, i have not had much time to try to set up a interview or anything yet. but i am coming allong pretty good with the information that I am getting so far. so just as soon as i get my interview set up i think i will be good to go. i think that once i get all my information from my two primary resources , I will have enough information between my information that i have collected and the information that i will soon receive. so my only problem that I can visibly see at the moment is that i will not be able to set up my interveiws with the two C.D.C workers because i have talked to them before and they are both extremely busy and it will just be hard to fit an interveiw into their busy schedule. so that is the only problem that i can see right now, so other then that every thing looks really good

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Primary resource

I am going to use a doctor and a cdc worker. Happy Halloween Mrs.Goode

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Citation notes

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